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Over the years, many people have reached out for help at almost every stage of hosting, looking for help.  Slowly I started to learn the most effective way to help those near and far. Don't know which will be most helpful for your needs, just shoot me an email and we can chat about what you are looking for.

Zoom Calls

Have general questions, want to talk through Northern Michigan Short Term Rentals, want to discuss your plan for designing a STR? Zoom calls are perfect for any and all discussions involving Real Estate, property management, and design. 



In Person Property Walks

These are great for someone who is just starting a renovation or furnishing a property and you need ideas on how to maximize rentability. It is also perfect for an individual who thinks their property is almost rent ready and wants someone to walk the home to give input on final additions or changes.

$130/hour +drive time if outside of Traverse City 


Design Consulting

While I no longer do full design installs, design consulting is the next best thing. I can help an individual along the process as someone to bounce ideas off of, ask for renter friendly ideas, or walk through a reno at different phases. Some examples of how I have helped others:

-New Build: Review plans to help offer ideas on electrical needs, storage additions, forward think through additions that will be beneficial to renting. Consult again during the building phase to make sure finishes are renter friendly and give opinions on design. Consult again to help with shopping lists and review furniture picks. A helping hand throughout the process.

-Reno: Help with pulling together full homes or individual rooms.

Prices vary for amount of time required. 

Get in Touch

To schedule or have more questions on the process, email Kara at:

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